Now there's a new, independent, deluxe alternative to those old, cramped, converted buses you've had to put up with for years. DeluxDiners are purpose-designed, purpose-built dining trailers providing a new higher standard of comfort, convenience and quality that everyone today has a right to receive.

  • Upper and lower dining floors
  • Light and bright environment
  • Increased head-height for extra comfort
  • Modern comfort-moulded seating
  • Smart, hygienic dining tables
  • Health & Hygiene compliant food servery
  • Central heating & Air conditioning
  • On-board hand washing
  • Cool water drinks dispenser
  • Background music system
  • Tinted windows for privacy & comfort

Extra reliability too

Those old buses are notorious for breaking down in between locations, but DeluxDiners dining trailers are hauled by modern tractor units. The trailers can never break down, meaning they will be exactly where you need them ... exactly when you need them.